To my fellow human beings,

In perilous times and with warm regards, greetings.

I write to humbly request a moment of precious time.  This regards saving our selves, our planet, the further evolution of our species and social revolution.  It’s an invitation to participate in a worldwide, social-spiritual movement.  Together we have the power to re-shape our global society, for an enlightened future of unlimited scope.  Your participation will require much courage and even more clarity, for the unvarnished truth is what we will uncover together.  Honesty alone will pave your way into our organization.  Daily application of this Wisdom of All Ages, will pave the way to Mastery within...

What we are advocating goes beyond all governments, all modern sciences, all religions, all political parties and all of the social norms of our day, without exception.  We advocate, among other things, the expansion of consciousness and complete social transformation. 

Let us question intelligently, all that the world considers “normal“, 
Seeing with the clarity of the inner Eye, the truth of all things.
Let us address the true cause of all worldly problems, and live out a better Way.
Let us meditate quietly and perceive fully. 
Let us go beyond “experts”, governments and television commentaries.
Let us apply wisdom on a practical basis, and each rise up in the full glory of truth.  The brotherhood and sisterhood of humanity as souls, can be remembered!

My intent in writing is one that seeks our highest mutual welfare, just as would any Teacher, spiritual Master or true Revolutionary. 

This letter is written not out of money or political interests, but for the sake of conveying our true human potentials, as centers of consciousness.  It’s being sent out to many thousands of people around the world.  If you happen to receive it more than once, please forgive our low-tech approach to “getting out the good word”.

What I’m advocating is a fundamental shift in how we view life, and more importantly, how we live it.  Let’s discuss what needs to be done in the present day, to offset the destructive forces which encroach upon all life on this planet.  Let’s also discuss the specific steps we can take in daily life, as well as prayer and meditation, which can sweep the world with GROUP-MIND SPIRITUAL FORCE. 


Humanity lingers at the most important crossroads in history, one that will likely determine our fate for all time.  Let us pause for a moment to reflect on this.  Each of us possesses the power, (INTENT) to choose which road to travel.  We can either progress into a more evolved state of being and a glorious new human era, or we can continue down the current line of “consumption” and material concerns, at the exclusion of all else.

Out of spiritual and social responsibility, I beseech you to consider entering the open door that is provided below.  Come forth to show your spiritual and social leadership.  Intellectuals, artists, scientists, mystics, philosophers, revolutionaries, thinkers, seers and devotees…come forth and join this effort!  Let us collaborate and act upon the betterment of every human being, and in fact, the whole of planet Earth.

I highly appreciate your consideration.

In love and clarity,
Matthew Webb



To a website, a collection of writings and an international coalition, to change the course of humanity….Those with serious intent, honesty and courage are particularly welcome!
The World Mind Society WEBSITE
Exists for the benefit of all thinking people, and those with a revolutionary spirit.
We work for the further evolution of humanity, for truth and social progress, worldwide.
See our Library and Discussion link at;
You are hereby invited to participate in a world revolution, led by intellectuals, visionaries and spiritual leaders, in every country on Earth.  At this point in history, humanity needs true leadership.  WE must be those leaders, for if not us then who?…  Join us in the cause of LASTING social progress, one that is beyond all governments, all religions, all political parties and false doctrines, in favor of one simple foundation…TRUTH ITSELF.  Through truth alone will humanity return itself from the brink of destruction upon which it precariously hangs, to a new era of lasting freedom, self realization and peace, such as the world has never known.

What is truth?  The World Mind Society, (WMS) defines this word as follows; “TRUTH;  That which IS, universally, and at all times the determining basis for reality.  Factuality, and that which exists regardless of view point or relative opinion.  The essence of natural law and its principles.”

Our international organization is based solely upon truth, and to this one foundation do we owe our allegiance, not the petty aspirations of politicians, corporations, governments or dogma-filled religions.

Toward this end the WMS works for the fulfillment of the individual, the community and the world, primarily through an enlightened social focus.  We promote the expansion of consciousness. This is done via a variety of means, as follows:

1) Through honest education. 2) Through the individual practice of meditation.  3) Through the group practice of meditation.  4) Through the wise employment of natural laws in daily life. 5) Through spiritual self realization. 6) Through communing with nature, as a form of self and collective purification. 7) Through honesty, and the valuing of truth above all else. 8) Through the revolutionary spirit, (activism) which questions everything, accepts only that which proves to be REAL, and which lives according to reality, not social fictions.

You are invited to our website Library to read from over a hundred articles, all of which are free of cost.  This collection of articles by Matthew Webb, (a modern spiritual Master) is undoubtedly the most comprehensive collection of writings on the subject of spiritual progress, and social change, that has ever been written.  Read these articles and see the truth of this for yourself. 

Our Library is organized into the following sections, (whose meanings are self explanatory) for your convenience…*** About the World Mind Society *** About our Meditations *** Cultivating Genius and Increasing Intelligence *** Group Mind/Collective Consciousness*** Inspirational *** Of God and Soul *** Self Evolution *** Special Tools for Expanding Consciousness *** Social Commentary and Natural Living ***

We are working in tandem with the New Civilization Network, (NCN; http://www.newciv.org/ncn/ncnintro.html) who generously provides us and others with the means to discuss in open forum, such issues as are mentioned above.  Our Discussion Area can be accessed directly at http://www.newciv.org/wms/, but entrance can be had only by NCN members.  Join the World Mind Society for our regular mailings, and the NCN for a strong sense of spiritual community.

Send an email with “Subscribe” in the subject line for membership and regular mailings.

Inquiries: Matthew Webb (visionquest@eoni.com)
The World Mind Society (http://www.eoni.com/~visionquest)

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