The Planetary Awakening

This is your invitation to participate in consciousness raising, GROUP MIND meditations

It is hereby proposed that a new era of progressive enlightenment for humanity, be mutually created. This goal is now being accelerated through the Global Group Mind Meditations. We are expanding each others’ consciousness, and at the same time, aiding the World Mind, (collective consciousness) of humanity. Spiritually minded individuals and groups the world over, are manifesting enlightening effects in every nation.

For beginning yet in-depth information on Group Mind, read the Group Mind, (GM) series in the Library.

We are in effect combining the resources of our consciousness. Our growing world group is Intending into place mutual love, clarity, greater energy, Divine connection and progressive levels of enlightenment. This is being done primarily through a recognition of the Natural Law known as; THE GROUP MIND PRINCIPLE;

The resulting force generated from the combining of like minds, is geometrically greater than the sum of its parts.

In other words, minds which are focused together upon a common theme, create a mutual force which is not merely additive, but vastly more powerful than any one individual or group of individuals.

We see the formation of group minds at all levels of society, causing otherwise "separate" individuals to form collectives, based upon common cause. This phenomena can be easily witnessed in cases ranging from the enthusiasm of crowds at sporting events, the heated focus of political protests, the average couple, business meetings, "think tanks", drumming circles, tribal gatherings and company projects, to the mutual rapture of sincere prayer meetings. Our entire global civilization in fact, exhibits collective impulses and actions, showing themselves in the planetary trends of social thought. Through group mind influence we find enthusiasm for "new styles", ways of living, and the simultaneous adoption of similar ideas on a world-wide basis. This group/world consciousness of humanity has been called, the "Noosphere", "Gaia", "World Mind", "The Collective Consciousness", "Global Unified Field", "The Planetary (local) Presence of God", as well as many other names.

A new era for humanity is being molded by human consciousness, through an advanced knowledge of Intent. It is a self-induced leap forward in evolution. Through spiritual Intent we manifest our inner states of love and clarity, for each other and the world. These manifestations of Intent cumulatively change world events, through their psychic effects!

Society is a reflection of our inner state of consciousness. When we shift this inner state, the outer conditions of the world shift in reflection. We can create this shift for each other and the world, by combining together our will to have greater clarity, and to be more loving and spiritually progressive. Adding to the psychic potency of our mutual force, the ongoing GLOBAL GROUP MIND MEDITATIONS are composed of people who SPECIALIZE IN THEIR INTENT, for the good of the group as a whole. In this way, we are forming a “body” of spiritually oriented meditators who focus their consciousness in unison. There are seven options, (meditative focuses paralleling the chakras of the body) which the participant can choose from.

You are invited to participate!

This collective effort is based primarily on a 5-part series of articles called The Perpetual Raising, (and the Manifesting World Enlightenment material which is complimentary to it) are contained on this site.

The Global Group Mind Meditations are now being held every second and fourth Sunday, of each month…please mark this on your calendar.


Group Mind Effectiveness

“Friendship” is really just the psychic alignment of two people, on the basis of good Intent. We know the exact moment a friendship is solidified. There is a distinct impression within the body at a given moment in the interaction, when we perceive a certain accord has been mutually reached. If asked to convey this inner knowingness of accord or friendliness with another, how would you explain it? Many would perhaps simply say, “I just know” what friendship or agreement feels like. The more sensitive might be prompted to comment, that the psychic impression of friendliness is like the, “sudden flipping of an inner switch from no to yes”. It is common knowledge that the stronger this feeling is with another, the stronger the friendship is said to be, at least on an emotional level. No one need explain to us the validity of such impressions. Everyone knows what friendship feels like, just as they know what an argument or enmity with another does to body-wide feelings. Despite such common knowledge, what Western materialistic culture does not seem to generally acknowledge, are the implications and scope of the feelings we receive from others. They have profound spiritual meaning.

During ALL conversations there is some exchange of feelings, awareness, energy and Intent taking place, and this is readily perceived by all persons. In other words, person to person psychic phenomena is so common-place, that we take it for granted to the point of ignoring it altogether. We seem to react to it like a background noise which everyone hears, but which no one is willing to talk about in daily conversation. The concept that we directly influence each others’ emotions and thoughts on a constant basis, is considered a “taboo” subject for conversation. Our culture denies psychic phenomena while simultaneously experiencing and employing it. One might conjecture that the reason we cling to such an attitude, regardless of personal daily evidence to the contrary, is to maintain the culturally hysterical belief that life is about paychecks and fancy cars. To acknowledge the real meaning behind what is called “friendship” or “love” would be to admit that there is more to life than the acquisition of material things. Since most people have not only dedicated their lives to materialistic ideals, but have taught their children to do the same in the name of “success”, it comes as a severe blow to the ego to admit that the material, money-world is not worthy of our worship after all. There are much higher purposes for our lives than material acquisition. When we take a deep look at psychic effects and the group mind phenomena which arise from them, existence takes on a transformed meaning.

The new person “on the job” in an office, classroom or construction site, knows all about group mind influences. The first thing the new person does, is to “feel out” the prevalent attitude of the existing crowd, so as to “fit in”. Any existing workplace is a group mind dedicated to a given ideal, one that is usually established by the boss or owner. Upon coming to work at a new job, a person establishes themselves within the group mind and tries to demonstrate that they can accommodate the group Intention. In other words, they immediately set about the task of joining the existing group mind. Why is this so important to them, apart from earning a paycheck? The main reason we seek to “fit in” to any group, is to reduce the psychic friction created upon entering the new environment. Everyone wonders “about the new guy” and this questioning or testing attitude creates stress on the new person in the form of psychic pressure. This causes the workplace initiate to make every effort to appear aligned to the group purpose so that they can finally relax from all the psychic pressure upon them. Once they are generally accepted by the group, there will be a definite indication of this psychically. Acceptance is felt as a commonality of focus, an ease of association and mental/emotional rapport. The ability to communicate in-depth increases, emotional/psychic alignments are formed, and friendships/antagonisms arise. We have all experienced these feelings in subtle detail, and are therefore ALL fully aware of the subtleties of group mind influence. Anyone who questions the existence of psychic phenomena is either extremely naïve or in a state of culturally-induced denial.

In the case of both the company and team sport settings, group mind action is by far the most critical factor for effective cooperation. Any team member knows when the group is psychically in tune with each other, because they can easily feel this during a game. All team players know when their comrades are emotionally charged, and the best teams know how to focus this group mind energy for championship performance. Teams which can’t synchronize in this way due to poor management or personal issues can never play effectively. In the company setting this is equally true, but perhaps not as immediately apparent. The more tensions, (psychic discord) which arise in a workplace, the more the company goals are compromised, as reflected in productivity levels. Such discord is also immediately felt by customers upon entering an establishment. A high level of group mind unity on the other hand, promotes the smooth flow of ideas, and facilitates the transmission of thoughts from one employee to the next so that mutual tasks are accomplished easily. Customers immediately recognize the harmonious ‘vibes” of an establishment and are attracted to return again and again. Students feel the classroom “mood” or “atmosphere” throughout the day, and are acutely aware of disruptive intentions among their classmates when trying to study. Musicians speak of “being in the groove” when their mutual consciousness is strongly aligned. When a groups’ enthusiasm is transferred to a crowd at a concert, this fact is readily felt by all present. It represents the expansion of the musicians’ group mind via the Intent to raise the emotions of the crowd. We are all telepaths and this fact is proven daily in all circumstances.

Group mind is the most prominent feature in our social landscape, and is equally important throughout nature. Established animal groups will challenge newcomers, who must learn to find a niche within that group mind. Anyone who has ever raised or carefully observed animals knows this to be true. The so called “pecking order” of dominance or cooperation in any animal group, is an expression of its members forming a cohesive and smooth group mind unit. The world society to which we belong exhibits group mind phenomena to an even greater degree, and we FEEL this fact continuously.

The factors which contribute to effective group mind formation are as follows;

1) Commonality of purpose.
2) Unity of Intent.
3) Similarity of emotional state, (vibrational rate/resonance).
4) The current prevailing psychic conditions in the environment.
5) Occult/spiritual knowledge of the principles involved with group mind formation.
6) Self knowledge, (the ability to distinguish between ones’ own state of consciousness, and that of the group mind.)
7) An experiential knowledge of psychic impressions and projections.

Naturally, group minds form automatically all the time, without the need of our conscious participation in this fact. But when we actually understand and consciously apply the natural laws involved with group mind action, it is then that we can empower each other to create a new world. In the ongoing Global Group Mind Meditations, it is advisable for each of us to keep in mind those factors which contribute to effective group mind action. Toward this end we can recognize that;

1) Our commonality of purpose is the expansion of our own consciousness, that of the group, and ultimately, the world in general.
2) Our unity of Intent is found in mutual and spiritual progressiveness.
3) Our similarity of emotional state, (vibrational rate/resonance) can be found in mutual love, clarity, and high feelings of all kinds.
4) The current prevailing psychic conditions in the environment, (or the current World Mind) is one that is literally filled with chaos, discord, fear, tension and pain. We must counteract these conditions successfully.
5) Occult/spiritual knowledge of the principles involved with group mind formation, can be found in such documents as the Perpetual Raising, our own direct perception, and in the spiritual materials of the world.
6) Self knowledge, (the ability to distinguish between ones’ own state of consciousness, and that of the group mind, is found in meditation/introspection. (see “Chakra Meditation, among others in the Perpetual Raising material).
7) Our experiential knowledge of psychic impressions and projections increases over time, and subsequent to each Global Group Mind Meditation.

You are involved in one of the most profound and important spiritual endeavors, ever to be attempted in the history of humanity. It cannot possibly be underestimated. Group mind action has every potential to shift the World Mind state of consciousness to a state of far greater enlightenment, love, clarity and Divine/Natural accord. It is up to us to put these natural principles into effect, for the creation of a New Era in personal and global evolution. You are invited to re-read “The Vision” at the end of the Perpetual Raising to keep this Intent fresh in our collective consciousness.

For additional reading on the subject of group mind, consciousness, and spiritual advancement, see the World Mind Society Library.

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