World Mind Society Disclaimer

Until such a time as the human race evolves out of the current state of
materialism, the following disclaimer is required to protect our mission to
enlighten the world:

The material provided on the World Mind Society, (WMS) website is designed
for educational and informational purposes only. We cannot be held liable
for the consequences of the use of this advanced information, either
expressed or implied, which could save the world, were it to be widely
understood.  This material is presented WITHOUT the intent to break, or
encourage anyone else to break, any existing laws.

The WMS supports the Constitutionally guaranteed right to the freedom of
expression and religious/philosophical conviction.

The information on this website is provided with the understanding that
neither the WMS, nor its’ authors, are engaged in rendering medical, social
or legal advice. In this Dark Age, we are also required to say: “You should
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qualified health care, social or legal professionals, to meet your
individual needs.”

Written, audio and visual materials presented here by the WMS, are for
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expressly granted, under the condition that full mention of the WMS and
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I hereby certify that I am over 18 years of age, and as an adult fully
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